Books I’ve Written

I write coffee table books on Asian luxury spas, wellness, luxury travel, Asian style and interior design.

For many of these books, my role as author involved much more than just writing the contents –  I was very involved in the full spectrum of  project management that went into creating the beautiful photos for these books.

Aside from doing all my own research and writing, I managed and produced the photo shoots (which involved travel to different locations with the team of photographer  and models, fashion stylist, organizing the travel,  hiring models, sourcing and managing the locations, liaising with location hosts, sourcing props, etc.).

For the interior design books, I also styled the photos.  These books feature many locations in top luxury hotels, resorts, spas and private homes around Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Books written by Chami Jotisalikorn,

Books by Chami Jotisalikorn :

  • Thailand Chic (luxury travel guide)  (Editions Didier Millet) 2005 & 2008
  • Thailand’s Luxury Spas  (Periplus Publishing / Tuttle USA) 2006
  • Contemporary Asian Pools & Gardens  (Periplus / / Tuttle USA) 2005
  • Contemporary Dining Rooms  (Periplus  / Tuttle USA) 2004
  • Contemporary Asian Living Rooms  (Periplus / Tuttle USA) 2004
  • Contemporary Asian Bedrooms  (Periplus / Tuttle USA) 2004
  • Contemporary Asian Bathrooms  (Periplus / Tuttle USA) 2004
  • The Thai Spa Book  (Periplus / Tuttle USA) 2002
  • Classic Thai Design, Interiors, Architecture  (Periplus / Tuttle USA) 2002

 Find more about my books or easily buy them on my amazon author page here

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