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Barefoot Luxe blog Asia luxury travel, best spas & wellness travel, best Thailand luxury, lifestyle, by  Chami Jotisalikorn, luxury travel & wellness journalist/author/ media inluencer

Google search “best Asian luxury travel blogs”,  “best luxury wellness blogs”, “best luxury wellness travel blogs”, “Thailand luxury travel blogs” and Barefoot Luxe is at the top of the list.

(You’ll also see CNN Travel’s “Top Asian Wellness Resorts” at the top of this list – which is also written by… me! )

Why do people love Barefoot Luxe?

Barefoot Luxe is a unique, fun, insider’s view on the best & exclusive in Asian luxury travel, Thailand luxury travel, luxury wellness & health holidays,  experiential  & cultural travel, and lifestyle creators,  written by a professional journalist about real life experiences.

“It’s so engaging”, ” has real personality”, and “beautiful” are how readers most often describe Barefoot Luxe.

What makes Barefoot Luxe Asia’s top luxury travel & wellness site?

  • Most Asian travel blogs focus on backpacker travel, budget travel, and cheap travel advice – not luxury travel.
  • Search for Asian luxury travel blogs and most are travel agency websites promoting their own tours and selling their own packages.
  • Many luxury travel sites consist mainly of lists of  press releases that  are basically promotional material written in sales language.
  • Search for wellness travel, and most are travel agency sites selling their own packages, or cheap budget destinations, or spa sites focused on spas and beauty products.

Barefoot Luxe  is so much bigger and deeper than that!

Barefoot Luxe  is a treasure box of thoughtfully curated stories and tips on offbeat,  extraordinary luxury travel & wellness –

Here, you’ll find ideas and inspirations on unique hotels, special experiences, secret places, holistic wellness holidays, spa, yoga, fitness, detox, weight loss,  alternative healing, eco travel, personal and spiritual development, sustainable luxury, hand-picked  Best Lists and Top Lists of delightful things to eat, shop, and do, written from a different point of view.

Barefoot Luxe talks to some of the creators and visionaries these special places, experiences and products that we enjoy, around Asia and beyond.

Who is Barefoot Luxe?

Barefoot Luxe is founded and written by internationally-known journalist / author  / media influencer Chami Jotisalikorn. who writes for the world’s leading luxury titles and media outlets including CNN, Conde Nast, Travel & Leisure, and many, many more.  See some of these clippings here.

Chami is a well-known author of over 10 lifestyle books and luxury travel guides which have been sold in 6 languages in the world’s leading book stores.

Who reads Barefoot Luxe?

Audience Reach – global reach of readers in over 180 countries on 6 continents.

Top reader countries – The top readership audiences come from:

  1. USA
  2. Australia (Sydney & Melbourne)
  3. UK
  4. Southeast Asia ( Singapore / Thailand / Hong Kong)
  5. Canada
  6. India
  7. United Arab Emirates
  8. Germany

Audience Demographics – Barefoot Luxe readers  are:

  • sophisticated travellers
  • aged mostly between 30- 50, with the core group between 35 – 45
  • mostly female
  • have a high level of taste and style
  • highly educated and have professional careers
  • consumers of high quality fashion, food, leisure and culture
  • care about health & wellness
  •  interested in personal & spiritual growth
  • eco-conscious and environmentally aware
  • seek sustainable lifestyle experiences
  • actively seek new places and uncommon experiences in their travels

How does Barefoot Luxe influence readers?

People are savvy travelers and do extensive internet research before booking a trip, hotel, or retreat.   Many readers of Barefoot Luxe’s retreat and hotel articles are impressed by what they read and subsequently make their booking decisions based on Barefoot Luxe’s reviews.

How do we know this?  Through the direct booking links on Barefoot Luxe and from my own personal experiences.   I  increasingly come across people I meet in my travels who instantly recognize the name Barefoot luxe and say they had read an article on Barefoot Luxe when doing their travel research.

“I like the way Barefoot Luxe  tells you what the real experience is like, and isn’t just a typical sales description of the facilities and services ,” readers have told me.  This directly leads to bookings to the places written up in  Barefoot Luxe.

Want to walk with  Barefoot Luxe? 

Would you like to be featured in Barefoot Luxe and reach this target audience?

Are you interested in contacting me to contribute to your website or publication, or partner with your business?

With Barefoot Luxe, you can:

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Feel free to write to me at contact@Chami-J.com

Come on, let’s step forward together…

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