My Top Thai Wellness Where-To’s for Sacred Lifestyle Magazine

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As an author of many books about travel and wellness, I’m often interviewed in international magazines on favourite places to travel, spa, eat, shop, sleep, meditate or whatever.

People like to know where the “best” places are, or where are the places I like best.

Where do I like to go for a wellness lifestyle in Thailand and Southeast Asia?  That’s what Canadian magazine Sacred Lifestyle asked me  recently, and here’s the interview with my top picks :

top Thai wellness where to,Chami Jotisalikorn,
Sacred Lifestyle Magazine vol.1

Top Thai wellness where to, Chami Jotisalikorn,

 top Thai wellness where to, Chami Jotisalikorn,

Glow-organic restaurant-at-Metropolitan-by-Como-Bangkok,
Glow organic restaurant Bangkok
I love this buckwheat noodle & crispy seaweed dish at Glow organic restaurant. One of my favourite dishes here.

top Thai wellness where to, Chami Jotisalikorn,


Beautiful salad made from organic produce from GOLDEN PLACE supermarket. The veggies are grown from HM the King’s Royal Projects, which develop and promote sustainable agriculture in Thailand
Produce grown in northern Thailand through The Royal Projects is sold at Golden Place supermarkets

Do you have favourite wellness places in Thailand? Where do you like to go?



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