Where Turtles Lay Eggs, and Nobody Knows – A Secret Black Sand Beach in Bali

On a secret black sand beach in Bali, turtles lay their eggs, and nobody knows…

Many complain that Bali is ruined – commercialized, over-run by invading tourist hordes, group package tours, beach cowboys, and shaggy souvenir shacks blocking the view of the postcard-perfect rice terraces that the world comes to see.  That may be true, but it’s a big island and those who live there know that plenty of unknown secret places remain as beautiful and untrampled as they were 20 years ago, known only to the local Balinese communities.

Barefoot Luxe by Chami Jotisalikorn, Bali black beach,www.BarefootLuxe.net
Early morning breakfast picnic on a secret black beach in Bali.
Barefoot Luxe by Chami Jotisalikorn, Bali black beach, www.BarefootLuxe.net
My very adorable new little friend. This is a local breed known as Kintamani dogs = white dogs that come from the sacred volcano area of Kintamani in north Bali.
Barefoot Luxe by Chami Jotisalikorn, Bali black beach, www.BarefootLuxe.net
You can’t see it in the photo, but Balinese black sand is a-glitter with sparkling flecks that look like diamond dust.

I just came back from Bali, where my friend took me for a breakfast picnic and morning walk at this beautiful, secret black beach.

Incredibly, this is a completely deserted stretch of beach where the sand is deep, rich volcanic black velvet that massages your feet and delights your eyes with with glittering flecks of diamond-like silica bits that undulate in a sparkling dance all around you, and everywhere you look.

Black sand beach Bali, www.BarefootLuxe.net
The black sand beach in Bali looks and feels like rich, deep, velvety Oreo cookie crumble sprinkled with diamond dust.  This photo can’t capture the full beauty of it, though I tried.

This is where  turtles come lay their eggs,  where a miniature  temple presides next to the tiny local warung (snack shack) , and you might see a handful of local fishermen with their rods dipped in the sea, placidly waiting for the day’s lunch to bite.

Bali black sand beach, Barefoot Luxe by Chami J.,www.BarefootLuxe.net
Sand, sea, and sky merge as the sun rises.

Sorry, no photos of hatching turtle eggs; they’re buried safely  under the sand anyway.  And I can’t tell you where it is.  So rest assured that far from the maddening crowds, natural Bali is still  there.

Have you been to Bali?  Where is your favourite place on the Island of the Gods?


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