What Happens in the Star Chamber – Ayurveda Black Marine indulgence at Dii Wellness Med Spa Bangkok

Dii Wellness Med Spa Bangkok, best luxury spas Bangkok Thailand Asia, www.BarefootLuxe.net

Looking for ultra-luxury spa glamour in Asia’s spa capital?  Make sure you have 4 hours to spare.

It ‘s only fitting that Bangkok’s very glamourous Dii Wellness Med Spa is located in Bangkok’s luxurious Central Embassy Mall upstairs from Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Prada. Here you’ll find pampering spa treatments with anti-ageing medi spa services including a dermatologist to administer skin care treatments.

Dii Wellness Med Spa Bangkok, best luxury spas Bangkok Thailand Asia, www.BarefootLuxe.net

I’ve known the owner, Tony, for many years ever since I wrote my first spa book, and this is the latest establishment in his ever expanding spa enterprise.   I’ve known the original spa team since the early days when it started as a spa in a renovated house.   This treatment at Dii Wellness Med Spa was my first time meeting Dii’s spa director Pearl, who was waiting for me in the lobby when I arrived.

“Oh! You’re so different from what I expected!” she exclaimed. People often say this when they meet me for the first time, which always puzzles me.   There was an expectation?  When I ask what they mean and what they were expecting, sometimes they just shrug and say nothing, or sometimes they are straightforward like Pearl, who blurted out, “You’re so pretty!”

“Were you expecting someone ugly?” I asked.

“Well, it’s just that I’ve met lots of journalists and they usually look the same, so I was expecting someone like them. You know, like a nerd with glasses,” she said, cupping both hands around her eyes like goggles.

I had on a floaty, loose silk chiffon Chloe dress worn over skinny jeans ,  strappy sandals and accessorized with a snakeskin hobo bag and aviator sunglasses. “ I can look like that but I left my goggles at home” I chuckled.

Dii Wellness Med Spa Bangkok, best luxury spas Bangkok Thailand Asia, www.BarefootLuxe.net

Dii’s spa menu includes three signature treatments, Empress of the Sea, Andaman La Lunar, and Ayurveda Black Marine, each one sounding more decadent and luxurious than the other. I was booked for the Ayurveda Black Marine, a full body treatment lasting 240 minutes, featuring an Ayurvedic Shirodara warm oil head massage in its package of therapies.

It’s not your run of the mill spa treatment in any way, starting from the very beginning.  I was led from the sleek black lobby to a solid black door tucked in the back corner and told take the therapist’s hand and close my eyes. How mysterious! I had no idea what to expect.

When we stepped inside, I opened my eyes to be stunned by a fantasy scene of endless black space illuminated by hundreds of sparkling crystal droplets stretching in all directions. It was surreal.  Pearl explained that it was designed to transport guests away from the shopping mall to another world. And I must say it works!

Dii Wellness Med Spa Bangkok, best luxury spas Bangkok Thailand Asia, www.BarefootLuxe.net

Four hours is a long time to be lying on a spa bed, but looking the menu, I realized this is no typical spa treatment. Every step is unique to Dii. After a foot bath, a relaxing Black Jade hot stone massage was followed by an inhalation of oxygen therapy , followed by a silky Juventide Collagen Massage slathered all over the body.  Hot stone massage is my favourite and this is was the first time I’ve come across one using black jade.  Jade is highly revered in many east Asian cultures and is believed to have lots of power and energy.

Then came the Ayurvedic part of the treatment.  After the body treatment the therapist moved onto the head with a Shirodara hot oil therapy, in which a stream of warm medicated herbal oil is drizzled onto the forehead to relax the third eye and calm the mind.

This was followed by a luxurious hair treatment and scalp massage. A hair mask of Red Marine Algae was massaged into my hair. Then it was into the steam room to open the pores and absorb all the nutrients through the herbal steam.

After a shower and shampoo, I had a short break to enjoy a delightful snack of homemade scones, fresh jam and ginger cinnamon tea. The fresh jam was delicious and I was told that the owner made it himself, along with the scones.

Dii Wellness Med Spa Bangkok, best luxury spas Bangkok Thailand Asia, www.BarefootLuxe.net

Then it was back on the bed for part two – the face. A facial cleansing was followed by a Marine Enzyme Facial Scrub, followed by a soothing hot stone face massage using black jade stone, then a cold stone massage called the Amethyst Ice Stone Face Lift. The final step is a Placenta Thermal Reju Mask to soften and firm up the complexion.

There were so many different aspects to this treatment that it’s hard to remember them all.  My favourite parts were the relaxing hot stone massages on both the body and using rare Burmese black jade on the body and amethyst on the face. These stones are therapeutic crystals whose properties help rebalance and revitalize the body on a cellular level.

Afterwards, my whole body and face felt soft and nourished, with the most noticeable difference in my hair, which felt softer, thicker and smoother than before. An added bonus was the lovely smell of Divana brand olive hair products that lingered in the hair.

Dii Wellness Med Spa Bangkok, best luxury spas Bangkok Thailand Asia, www.BarefootLuxe.net

I emerged from my treatment feeling relaxed, fresh, and uplifted. I had a little browse through the small shop in the spa lobby and found their own brand of luxurious face and body products and went home with a very big and gorgeously packaged scented candle.

The treatment  itself is listed as 240 minutes, or 4 hours, but you  should allow some additional time to come out of the treatment room, recalibrate your mind as you sit in the lobby and sip your after-spa drink, browse the shelves a bit before you wander out back into the bright white mall and onto the busy congested city streets.   This treatment comes with a hefty price, and what you get is definitely unique and luxurious, and  worth it for special occasions when you want a real blow-out treat.

Have you tried a treatment at Dii Wellness Med Spa in Bangkok? What was your experience like?



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