How to Find Bliss in Bhutan – Aman Resorts’ Meditation & Wellness Retreats, September – November

This September – November, luxurious Amankora resorts in the unspoilt Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan offer exclusive wellness experiences to take you on your own inner journeys, while travelling through its elegant lodges around the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

Amankora Bhutan, best luxury resorts Asia,
Neyphug Monastery in Bhutan

Amankora – Meaning of Life Retreat

10th – 18th September

If you’ve ever dreamed of an experience that will literally blow your mind (and elevate your spirit), try a unique meditation retreat in Bhutan led by His Eminence the 9th Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche of Bhutan’s fabled Neyphug Monastery.

Amankora Bhutan, best luxury resorts Asia,
Amankora Paro, living room

The Meaning of Life Retreat will be held on a journey across four of Amankora’s elegant lodges in the valleys of Thimphu, Gangtey, Punakha, and Paro.

This highly revered lama will host this 8-night retreat, sharing his guidance and wisdom through lectures, meditation, yoga sessions, and temple visits, presenting Buddhist philosophies through simple examples from everyday life, so that guests can find them more relevant to their way of life.

Amankora Bhutan, best luxury resorts Asia,
Bhutanese-style spa bath infused with Himalayan herbs at the Amankora Spa, Bhutan

Guests will enjoy two nights at each lodge and a complimentary spa treatment. Find more info here.


Amankora Bhutan, best luxury resorts Asia,
Thimpu Valley, Bhutan

Amankora – Reflections from Within Retreat

15 September – 15th November

This 8-night wellness retreat journeys across three of Amankora’s lodges in Thimphu, Punakha and Paro, and is designed to release negative thought patterns and behaviours, making way for fresh new and positive beliefs.

Amankora Bhutan, best luxury resorts Asia,
Amankora Punakha, courtyard

This retreat will be led by four wellness therapists :  Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist Zoe Nash; hypnotherapist Tim Stoneman; founder of The Brito Way, Patti Brito and acupuncture and moxibustion specialist Dr Minae Hata.

Amankora Bhutan, best luxury resorts Asia,

This experience also incorporates Tibetan Sound Healing, Hellerwork, Craniosacral therapy, and yoga. The inner work you do with these holistic experts will help restore you to your natural flow of energy, and open you to higher levels of consciousness, release tensions, and raise levels of energy. Find more info here.




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